Why is this sadness overload? [project]

One day I asked the very talented Edd Myspys if he wanted to do a project together, despite being so different in our photography and he came with the brilliant theme of sadness overload. So here are the paths that each of us have taken in order to illustrate the meaning of a concept so general and yet so present in our lives.

Also, I feel that I can finally show what the words failed to express: this feeling that has been lingering around me for a while now.
So here’s just a part of the project. More to come! Enjoy!

*You can also follow the project on facebook*

Photos by me:
Chapter I: anxiety   1601518_921563394536252_7101433121637140208_n



Photos by Edd:

10462862_921563447869580_1473500136035344728_n   10453326_936260679733190_2677217654191250944_n   10568910_973881705971087_21206999649191580_n



~ by ancamitroi on September.10.2014.

One Response to “Why is this sadness overload? [project]”

  1. Dark, interesting and great stuff.

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